Cracked Heels (Heel Fissures)

Closeup of a woman's cracked, dry heels

“With a little education and a good treatment plan, these unsightly, often painful heels can become a thing of the past.”

Andrew Martin, Podiatrist

Painful cracked heels often results from a build up of hard skin or callus around the back edge of your heel. This thickened skin becomes less mobile and elastic and is unable to accommodate the constant flattening and expansion of you heel as you walk. Over a period of time, small cracks will develop that if left untreated can lead to deep painful fissures. These open fissures can act as a portal of entry for a fungal or bacterial infection.

A Podiatrist can help you to identify the cause of the thickening of the skin. They will also be able to debride the callus, restoring the mobility and elasticity of the skin, while advising you on an appropriate preventative strategy. With a well developed management plan these unsightly, painful fissures can become a thing of the past.

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