Tim Ghantous – Principal Podiatrist

Central Coast Sports Podiatrist

Tim Ghantous – Sports Podiatrist

Background / Interests

Tim grew up in the Hawkesbury district and moved to the Central Coast, after completing his Bachelor of Health Science and Podiatry Degrees.

Growing up, sport was a huge part of his life, so Tim’s area of interest, in exercise and sport became a focus within his Podiatry practices.

With his Health Science background and an interest in sport and exercise, Tim has a unique understanding of sports related foot pain, gait and lower limb mechanics. He understands the demands required by your feet and legs to compete at your best, regardless of your chosen sport, age or competition level.

Tim is the co-founder and co-director of East Gosford, Windsor and Central Mangrove Podiatry Clinics. He is a member of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and is in the process of completing his Level 2 Sports trainers certification.

Over the last 15 years Tim has worked in many areas of Podiatry, both within the public and private sector. More recently Tim completed a role in fabrication and the training of other podiatrists in the process of making custom foot orthoses.

Tim has helped local sports people competing in events, such as the Kokoda track, OXFAM trail walk and more locally the Bay to Bay running festival and Skillion 2 Lighthouse walk.


Central Coast Sports Podiatrist

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Tim has recently established Central Coast Sports Podiatry brand to further his personal growth in the Sports Podiatry field. This is a great new service and resource for Central Coast athletes at all levels of experience and competition. Keep an eye on this page as it expands to include self management and rehab tips as well as training and exercise education.

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Tim Ghantous – Sports Podiatrist