Foot Orthoses and Innersoles


“Foot orthoses or arch supports can be a very successful treatment option for lower limb and foot pain. Once we have assessed and diagnosed the cause of your pain or injury, we can recommend or prescribe the most appropriate orthotic device to correct the problem.”

One of the treatment options that may be utilised by the team at East Gosford Podiatry to resolve your foot pain and correct biomechanical abnormalities is foot orthotics or orthoses. Also referred to as 'arch supports', these are an innersole worn in your shoes, to alter the position or function of your lower limb.

While there are literally hundreds of different innersoles and orthotics available, they can usually be classified into one of two groups. Off the shelf devices are a prefabricated product, available in several different sizes and thicknesses. Custom made devices are manufactured from a model of your foot, to a personal prescription created by your Podiatrist. This allows for a more specific treatment plan as the Podiatrist can accurately address the problem identified within your foot's posture and function.

The shape and contour of your foot can be captured through a traditional plaster cast, a semi weight bearing foam box or the preferred method at East Gosford Podiatry, a digital 3 dimensional scan. Correct application of any of these methods can be used to manufacture the highest quality orthotic devices. The advantages of a digital scanner include a faster and more consistently reproducible image and a faster delivery, via email, to the manufacturing laboratory.

At East Gosford Podiatry we use a local orthotic laboratory that specialises in manufacture and development of 'Computer Aided Design' and 'Computer Aided Manufacture' of custom orthoses (CAD / CAM). CAD / CAM technology allows the orthotic lab to consistently manufacture accurate orthotic devices that truly represent the prescription of your podiatrist to within 1/20mm.

While at East Gosford Podiatry we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the most recent and up to date technology in orthotic design and manufacture, we know that the best orthotics and the most successful treatment out comes come from a true understanding of lower limb biomechanics. It is this understanding that allows us to make an accurate and correct diagnosis of your foot problem, then allowing us to provide you with the most appropriate corrective device to resolve your problem.

Why not call us today and allow us to find the solution to your foot problem. It may be a lot more simple than you think.

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