General Podiatry


“People think they have to live with pain, which is usually not the case. Rather than relying on temporary pain relief, the team at East Gosford Podiatry can find and treat the cause of your pain- fixing it for good.”

Probably the most recognised role of a Podiatrist is the provision of routine foot care and nail maintenance for people who are unable to manage themselves. There are many varying reasons that the once basic task of cutting and managing your own toenails can become a tiring or risky challenge. These include diminishing eye sight, decreased flexibility or co ordination, insufficient strength or increased bleeding or infection risk. Some medical conditions such as Diabetes can also lead to an increased risk of foot complications. See the 'Diabetic Assessment' page on this site for further details.

A general Podiatry consultation will include routine foot care such as nail cutting, removal of corns or hard dead skin. We will also happily answer any questions you have regarding footwear, nail cutting techniques or general foot care. All services offered at East Gosford Podiatry are provided by fully qualified and registered Podiatrists. We have chosen not to employ the services of foot care nurses or Podiatry assistants for these tasks.

Common Foot Conditions

Athlete's Foot or Tinea
Athlete's foot or tinea is a fungal infection that commonly occurs on the feet.
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Corns and Calluses
Corns and calluses are a build up of hard dead skin.
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Cracked Heels (Heel Fissures)
Painful cracked heels often results from a build up of hard skin or callus around the back edge of your heel.
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Fungal Nail Infections (onychomycosis)
A fungal nail infection is an unsightly inconvenience that can affect even the most diligent hygienic person.
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Plantar Warts
A plantar wart (verruca plantaris) is a skin lesion caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) occurring on the sole of the foot or around the toes.
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Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful, at times, having a significant effect on a person's quality of life.
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Nail Surgery (Partial Nail Avulsion)
In cases of recurring, painful, ingrown nails permanent surgical correction may be indicated.
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