Sports Podiatry


Sports Podiatry is a specific field of expertise within the Podiatry profession. It focuses on how to get the most out of your body, specifically, how to push your lower limbs and feet to improve your sporting performance, without causing injury, breakdown or fatigue. A Sports Podiatrist has a special interest in sport and exercise, and plays a key role in managing foot and lower limb pain and dysfunction. A Sports Podiatrist should be familiar with most sports, the involvement of the lower limb, the function of the foot as well as the footwear used in these sports. Often, additional education & training has been completed by the Podiatrist in the sports and exercise field.

East Gosford Podiatry is pleased to offer a Sports Podiatry service to help you understand your lower limb and foot function, push you to new levels in your sporting achievements, or to help you with your recovery and rehab following a sporting injury.

As part of your Sports Podiatry management at East Gosford Podiatry, we will undertake a;

Biomechanical Assessment

A thorough lower limb biomechanical assessment will systematically assess the quality and range of motion, as well as the function of your hips through to the joints in your toes. It will assess how well, or poorly, your muscles and joints are working together. An appropriate assessment should assess the feet and lower limbs weight bearing, non weight bearing, statically and dynamically, including a gait analysis. If you have any previous medical scanning (MRI, X ray, ultrasound etc ) relating to your foot concern, or lower limb function, please them bring with you to your consultation.

Training modifications / rehabilitation

Your Sports Podiatrist will need to understand your current training structure, as well as your sporting goals and where you would like to be. By taking the time to really know you current position, your Podiatrist will be able to recommend training modifications or prescribe appropriate rehabilitation exercises if  they are required.

Exercise prescription and soft tissue injury management 

Where appropriate, a Sports Podiatrist will discuss with you and prescribe lower limb stretching and strengthening programs. Soft tissue injury management may include simple ice or massage therapy, trigger point therapy, dry needling, pedal joint mobilization or franklin therapy. Many of the these simple interventions can be taught to you, as an ongoing self implemented home management program.

Footwear Science

A Sports Podiatrist needs to be very familiar with a wide range of athletic and sporting footwear. They need to be up to date with constantly changing footwear technology and shifting training trends. Your Podiatrist will assess your footwear, considering both the requirements of your chosen sport, and the specific needs of your foot shape and function. Recommendations may be made with regard to footwear changes, modifications or additions. 

Orthotic Therapy

Foot orthoses or ‘orthotics’ can be a very effective tool to adjust lower limb function and performance.  They can decrease peak velocities with in the foot or leg, limit joint end range motion or forces, redistribute or reduce plantar foot pressures just to list a few. The orthoses, however will only be as good as the assessment, foot impression and prescription used to make them. Your Sports Podiatrist must have a clear understanding of how your foot is functioning and what it is that the foot orthoses are trying to achieve. There are may factors such as footwear, activity levels, weight, and compliance that will influence the suitabiliy or type of orthotics that will be best for you. If your Podiatrists believes that orthotic therapy will be a beneficial part of your management plan, these various options will be discussed with you in detail to enable you to make an informed decision.


Communication with other practitioners

Communication with other practitioners, coaches, or trainers is a very important part in treatment of the athlete. This ensures the podiatrist, physio, and GP, or who ever is involved in the management of the athlete, are all working together to complement each others interventions, and work towards the goals of the athlete.

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